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  • Hello,
    I will be arriving in Bled on Monday 20 July and will stay until Friday 24 July.
    I’m 45 years old, reasonably fit woman. I did white water rafting when I was 20 and loved the thrill and really want to try it again! Do you have to be very fit?

    I’d like to do a white water rafting trip.
    I’d also like to do a canyoning trip.

    What I can’t work out from your web site, is how many hours each of the trips you offer lasts, so I can’t determine which is the better value. Also on which dates/days of the week your trips are available, or is it daily?

    Many thanks for your assistance.
    Marina Case

    • Hi Marina,

      thank you for contacting us. Both trips are perfectly fine for a person of average fitness, no previous knowledge needed. The duration of both trips depends on the number of guests attttending that particular trip. The rafting usually lasts between 3hrs (1.5 – 2 hrs on the river) and the canyoning around 3.5 hrs (2 hrs in the canyon itself). We have trips going daily, you can choose between doing both trips on the same day or one trip per day. We pick you up at your accommodation and drop you off there as well.

      If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

      Kind regards from Bled,


    my name is PEPONAKIS Bill
    I would ask IF YOU PLANNED canyoning FROM 29 APRIL UNTIL MAY 5 TO COME TO PARTICIPATE with you
    my level is INITIATEUR from FFME
    king regards….

    • Hi!

      Of course it is possible to go canyoning within that period. If you would like to book a trip, you can do so directly through our page. If you need more information, please feel free to send us an email to info@outdoor-slovenia.com .

      Many thanks and all the best from Bled,


  • Hello we have booked through STA travel for your bled & Bohinj valley canyoning adventure 8417P1 on Friday 2nd September and the Adventure trip to Kranjska Gora 8417P7 on Monday September 5th. We are booked in at the hotel Ribno in Bled can you confirm pick up times please . Thankyou Sally Gibson Keith, Fern & Tanya

  • Good morning,

    My name is Dr. Noemi Meszaros, and I’m planning to spend a few days in Bled between 05 – 08. May 2017. with my twin boys. They are going to be age 12 in August and 147 cm tall. They have been playing water polo for 4 years, having 2 ours training (especially swimming) a day, so they’re really tough and fit kids. (Daddy is a three times olympic champion of water polo – so sport is part of our everydays.)
    I would like to book 3 canyoning (preferred to Grmecica). What do you think, is it available for them?

    Looking forward to your reply,
    Best regards


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