Bled Kayak School

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Bled Kayak School

Kayaking has always been a popular water activity in the Gorenjska region of Slovenia. We are proud of our clean rivers, and we like to enjoy them in as many ways as possible. Bled kayak school is a great way to learn the basics of kayaking. It is also a chance to explore the local rivers in an exciting and fun way.

Bled-kayak-school-1 Bled Kayak School

There are many options for kayaking in the Bled area, depending on the knowledge and experience you already have. The local rivers ahve calm sections where you can learn to master your position in the kayak and get the feel for the water. You can then move to more demanding areas that offer the perfect terrain to practice you paddling skills.

Bled-kayak-school-1 Bled Kayak School

Our trained and highly experienced guides are with you every step of the way. They will help yopu with all the equipment and share with you the best tips and tricks.

You can choose between individual kayak trips and courses of various lenghts. A single lesson lasts approximately two hours.

All local transfers (Bled and surroundings) are included in the price.

All necessary equipment included.


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