Canyoning Rafting Zipline Package


 Canyoning Rafting Zipline Package

More adventure, more adrenaline, more activities for a lower price? We have just the thing for all of you looking for a great deal. We have put together all our favorite activities. The canyoning rafting zipline package combines the top three activities in Bled at a discounted price. Now you can fully enjoy your time in Bled with your friends and family with the best team around.

Canyoning Rafting Zipline Package


Easy to book and customizable itinerary

In addition to getting more bang for your buck, you are in charge of your activities timetable. First of all, you can easily check the availabilities for each activity, and create your own custom schedule. Secondly, you can choose one or two activities per day. All activities in the canyoning rafting zipline package are half-day tours. This means you can do two in one day and do the third activity on a separate day. You can also do only one activity per day, and have more room for sightseeing or swimming in Bled Lake.

Canyoning Rafting Zipline Package

Group and family-friendly activities package

We have created the canyoning rafting zipline package especially for those who are looking to add the best adventures to their Slovenia travels. Also, if you’re short on time, this is the perfect adventure package for you. Our most popular things to do in Bled offer you a chance to experience the best outdoor activities in a relatively short time frame. This means you can book ahead. And be sure all your plans work out for your itinerary before you even come to Slovenia. If you are booking for a larger group (24 or more people) please contact us for transfer options.

The canyoning rafting zipline package is also a great idea if you are traveling as a family with older children. In addition to exploring the nature around Lake Bled, your teenagers will love the adrenaline and excitement!

Canyoning Rafting Zipline Package

The Activities

The canyoning rafting zipline package consists of three of our most popular activities. You can find detailed descriptions of each activity in the links below:




Each activity lasts roughly 3 to 3.5 hours in total. We offer free pickups and drop-offs within a 15 km radius of Bled town for each activity. Only the zipline has a meeting point in central Bled. There are age and/or height restrictions for canyoning and zipline.

Should someone in your group decide to only do certain activities and not the whole package please feel free to contact us.

Additional information:

Trips every day, starting times at 8:45am or 10am depending on which activity you start with

Minimum age 10 years

Minimum height 140 cm (or 4ft 7in)

Duration 6 to 7h

Not suitable for pregnant women or people with medical issues (please contact us before booking if you have a condition of any kind)

Knowledge of swimming mandatory


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