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Slovenia Ski school

Lessons in the Outdoor Slovenia Ski school can immensely improve you skiing knowledge and confidence. Enjoy your winter holiday with a group of your closest friends, your significant other or your entire family. Slovenian ski centres offer diverse terrains that are sure to satisfy every skier’s individual needs and experience levels. Getting a lesson with a private instructor is the safest and quickest way to learn how to ski or improve your technique.

Vogel Ski Center Outdoor Slovenia Ski School

Slovenia Ski school advantages

Slovenia is home to many smaller ski centers. Therefore, it is perfect for short getaways or family vacations. The terrains are diverse which make skiing fun for all ages. Furthermore, many offer shorter pistes with ski lifts for children and many other options for fun on the snow.

Ski lessons are also a great way to have your children learn something new and have the best time doing so. First of all, they will spend their free time in the fresh snowy outdoors.  It is suitable for younger children as well. Children can start at the age of about 3 years old. Ski lessons are also entertaining for older kids as it gets them moving and presents them with new challenges as they progress.

Outdoor Slovenia Ski school program

Outdoor Slovenia Ski school program caters to all ages and levels of ski knowledge. Just tell us what you would like to work on and our certified experienced instructors will make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Vogel Ski Center Outdoor Slovenia Ski School

Beginner level

The Outdoor Slovenia ski school program takes you step by step through all the basics of skiing. We start with getting to know all the equipment needed. We continue by getting familiar with the physics of sliding down a hill. Next step is using all the ski lifts and other important factors such as safety on the slopes. Once you have mastered the basic turns, it is easy to upgrade your knowledge. Then you can really start to enjoy the winter fairy tale. As you progress, you will add new skills and techniques with every lesson.

Advanced level

Even if you are already an experienced skier, our instructors have detailed local insight into the best terrains and hidden spots around the mountain. You can really work on your riding technique and have the best time doing so. In addition to skiing on the slopes, you can also try a few freestyle tricks in the snow park. Our instructor will give you the best tips and help you with your free ski technique.

In order to maximize the efficiency, the maximum number of persons per instructor is 4. We take great pride in our teaching technique. Outdoor Slovenia Ski school instructors are qualified, have years of experience and are passionate skiers themselves.

Join us on Slovenia’s mountain this winter and enjoy the fun on the snow.

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