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Bovec Canyoning from Bled


Bovec Canyoning from Bled

Finally, the trip you’ve been asking for! The not so easily accessible Soča river valley has always fascinated nature lovers and thrill seekers. This is a canyoning paradise. Up until now enjoying Bovec canyoning from Bled has been a bit tricky because the area is quite remote. Not anymore!

We are offering you a unique chance to experience the very best of Slovenia’s canyoning without the hassle of arranging transfers or long hours spent driving yourself. This trip is also perfect for those who have been canyoning elsewhere and want something more. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to squeeze into your Bled Lake itinerary an additional trip to a different part of Slovenia. Normally this type of activity would take a long time. With us, however, you get the very best canyoning experience in the most beautiful part of the country in just one short day.

Bovec Kozjak Canyoning Slovenia Bled

What does the Fratarica canyoning look like?

The whole area is a picturesque alpine paradise. Nestled between the towns of Bovec and Log pod Mangrtom, it lies hidden within steep rocky walls covered with green moss. Entering the canyon is like going into a different world. All the sounds merge into the roar of water plunging over the waterfalls. The Bovec Canyoning from Bled tour is not for beginners or sightseers. This is an adrenaline rush. The terrain varies quite a bit. There are numerous jumps and abseils, the highest reaching 45 meters. Fratarica is considered one of the best places for canyoning in Slovenia.

Trip itinerary

The Bovec Canyoning from Bled will start either at your accommodation or at our meeting point in Bled. A two-hour drive will be a picturesque one. We will pass mountains, rivers, and lakes on our way. Our route will take us over mountain pass Predil in Italy. Entering the Soča valley we will stop in Kobarid. The guide will give you all the necessary equipment. Our hike to the top starts with crossing the bridge over the emerald Soča river. We will need around 45 minutes to reach the starting point.  After catching your breath be sure to listen to your guide very carefully. He will explain all the safety measurements, and give you instructions.

Dynamic canyon, high jumps

Now comes the time to get wet. The canyon starts with a bang! We will start off with a 10-meter jump which is a nice introduction to what will follow. After  2-3 hours we reach the end of the canyon and in Fratarica we can really say we saved the best for last. The canyon ends with a famous waterfall Parabula. It is just under 45 meters in height.  You can abseil all the way to the bottom.

One last look back to this stunning waterfall from below and then we will walk back to the van (about 10 minutes). We will then drive back to Bled. On the way back it is possible to stop for lunch in Bovec if requested (lunch not included in the price). Tired but full of priceless memories you will be back at your accommodation between 6 and 7 in the evening.

Time to tell your friends all about it!

Important information

Departure time at 7:45 am

Minimum age 12 years

Duration: full day

Not suitable for pregnant women or people with medical issues (please contact us before booking if you have a condition of any kind)

Knowledge of swimming is mandatory, and some canyoning (or similar) experience is necessary

Pickup is possible in Bled and surroundings (5km).

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