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Private Bled Canyoning tour


A tour just for you

Canyoning is an amazing group experience and can be a fantastic way to meet new people and like-minded travelers. However, sometimes you just don’t feel like sharing your family vacation with strangers. Or maybe you already have a group of friends or coworkers set for a Private Bled Canyoning tour adventure. With the same amazing location and service, your guide will devote an entire canyoning tour just for you and your group. Fewer people in the group also means less waiting time between the various jumps, slide,s and abseils in the canyon.

Safety is always number one

Firstly, if you choose this private option there is no worry about sharing the transfer van with anyone else. This is a big plus in these uncertain times. Although all aspects of a safe canyoning trip are taken into consideration on all our tours, we offer you an additional precaution with this private Bled canyoning tour.  Secondly, the group is always small.  It is easier for the guide to focus their attention on each individual’s needs. This is why we have an 8 person limit.

Flexible departure times and trip itinerary

Generally we run this tour option once a day, departing Bled at 10 o’clock. We have set up this time in order to avoid other canyoning groups that have more or less the same timing. We are however flexible with these. If you have different plans for your day you can also contact us directly, and we will do our best to customize the starting time. The entire tour is about 3 hours long. This includes the transfer to and from the canyon, preparations, and actual descent through the canyon.

For a detailed description of the itinerary please see our canyoning page.

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