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Best Canyoning around Bled

Slovenia is famous for its pristine and untouched nature as well as the best canyoning around this part of Europe. The canyons surrounding Bled are the most beautiful ones in the country. Join us and explore the gorges and crystal-clear fresh mountain streams that have carved them centuries ago. We offer you a chance to get away from the crowds of the town. Experience the best canyoning Bled has to offer – just a step away! Many canyons in Slovenia are part of national parks and protected areas. We made it our goal to get everyone a chance to experience them first-hand.

What is canyoning?

Canyoning is the descent down the river or stream within a gorge or canyon. It involves different techniques such as sliding, jumping, swimming, abseiling/rappeling and climbing. The gorge usually has high walls of rock on each side with water running at the bottom. Navigating through a canyon involves many fun elements as well as an interesting way of getting up close and personal with the natural environment.

Is the best canyoning Bled a safe trip?

Canyoning around Bled is generally safe activity. You do not need any previous experience to be a part of our trip. However, you have to listen to your guide’s instructions at all times as well as keep in mind that you are in nature and not all situations can be predicted.  In order to ensure the best canyoning Bled experience for everyone, we make safety the first priority on all our trips. Consequently, we have a checklist that we always stick to:

  • all our guides have every necessary license and years of experience.
  • In addition, we use special techniques and rope work
  • each participant gets a thick wet suit. This protects you from the refreshingly cold water and other elements. We provide all the rest of the equipment which includes shoes, a helmet, and a climbing harness used for abseiling.

All you will need to bring with you is a swimsuit to wear under the wet suit and a towel. A bottle of water can come in handy in the summer heat. If it is a cold day, a warm change of clothes is a good idea also.


Why choose us?

  • Expertise. Because our guides have the qualifications and licenses as well as a never-ending passion and enthusiasm for canyoning.
  • Tradition. We have been doing this for a long time. We know what we’re doing, and we want to share the fun with you.
  • It’s fun! It’s nice to walk around Bled Lake and eat the cream cake. But what we have to offer is freedom, adrenaline, magnificent sights, and great company.
  • We care about nature. We love our home. Consequently, we would like to show everyone how to enjoy themselves safely and without harm to nature.
  • Our expert local guides know these parts and canyons like the back of their hand. In addition to a safe trip, you can expect a local’s insight into the area. Maybe they’ll let you in on some of the fairy tales and local legends also.
  • We have quality gear for everyone; the water in the canyons is cold so everyone gets a very thick wetsuit to keep them comfortable. In addition to the wetsuits, the rest of the equipment is meticulously maintained and cared for. This is how we ensure it performs as it should on every trip.
  • Our approach – we strongly believe in every individual’s experience. That is why we have simplified the booking process. Additionally, our service team is available for any questions and concerns at all times.
  • Transfer service is available for anyone within a 10km radius of Bled town. Just send us an address and we will come and pick you up for your trip at your accommodation.


Looking for more activities to do in Bled?

Check out our package deals where you can enjoy TWO trips in one day! Special price! This is also perfect for those in a hurry or just passing through Bled. See all our trip package varieties in our Shop Activities.


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Testimonials, reviews and personal experiences

The canyoning tour is our most popular trip, and with good reasons! Check out

Additional information for best canyoning Bled trip:

Every day at 8:45 AM and 2:30 PM

Minimum age 10 years

Minimum height 140 cm (or 4ft 7in)

Duration 3 to 4h

Not suitable for pregnant women or people with medical issues (please contact us before booking if you have a condition of any kind)

Knowledge of swimming is mandatory

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