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Easy introduction to kayaking – sit on top

A sit-on-top kayak is a way to go if you have never done any kayaking before. If you have ever done rafting but want something more individual, this is the trip for you. Easy, fun, and just the right route length for beginners. You do not require any experience apart from swimming ability. A Sit On Top kayak is also more easily manoeuvrable and safer to get in and out of. During this scenic Sit On Top kayak trip, we will teach you the very basics. If you however already have some experience, your guide will adapt the tour according to your knowledge. They will be able to show you useful tips and tricks.

Sit on top Kayak Trip Bled Water activities

The route

Slovenia in general is well known for its lush greenery which is sustained by its waterways. The rivers in this region are small but extremely diverse in water current diversity, rapids, flora, and fauna. Consequently, this is what makes them so attractive for water sports. Sava Dolinka is located in the immediate vicinity of Bled which makes it perfect for water activities.

This Sit On Top kayak tour takes place on a section of river with mild rapids and calmer flows making it ideal for a Sit On Top kayak experience. The starting point is mere minutes away from Bled town. Your guide will accompany you on a 9-kilometer stretch of the Sava Dolinka river. In addition to some awesome kayaking fun, you will be able to enjoy the scenery around you and admire nature and life on the river banks. The finish is next to the town of Radovljica which also makes the drive back nice and short (around 15 minutes).

Trip itinerary

The drive from your accommodation or meeting point is only a few minutes. At the start, your guide will distribute the equipment. They will show you how to put everything on correctly. You will get familiar with the kayak and your position in it. Most importantly, the guide will give you a full rundown of the trip. They will explain all the safety requirements, measures, and recommendations. Once on the river, you will start with the very basic maneuvers first and work your way up from there. The guide will be with you on their kayak every step of the way. In addition to the kayaking techniques, you will learn about the river and its life as well as play some fun games in the water. At the exit point, the transfer vans will already be there waiting for you. You will change back into your clothes and have a short drive back to Bled.

Transfer options

As with all our trips, the transfer to the start and back to Bled at the end is included in the price. If you are staying locally (within a 15 km radius of Bled town) we can pick you up at your accommodation for the sit on top kayak trip if you provide the name and address when booking.

However, if you will be driving to Bled, please let us know so we can send you details about the meeting point and where to park. Public transportation is also an option. Buses to Bled run on a regular schedule. If you’ll be arriving by train we also offer free pickups from local train stations. Also please feel free to contact us if you need a hand with timetables for trains and buses.

Additional information:

Every day at 10 am and 2 pm

Sit on to kayak is suitable for children 12 and up

Duration approximately 3 hours

Not suitable for pregnant women or people with medical issues (please contact us before booking if you have a condition of any kind)

Knowledge of swimming is mandatory




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